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Targeted Marketing Solutions – Archdiocese Of Seattle

Targeted Marketing Solutions – Direct Mail Campaign

Habitat Visual Communications was contracted by Catholic Cemetery Association, Archdiocese of Seattle, to help develop a targeted marketing solution!  Habitat Visual Communications started the process with a comprehensive customer profile to help the client identify ideal prospects with in designated zip codes in the Archdiocese.


Our proprietary marketing solution identified over 50,000 families that matched their ideal customer.


After HVC built a prospect database, we assisted the client to craft an attractive offer that resinated with the families that they serve.   Habitat’s staff of creative professionals married this offer with creative visuals that matched the sophistication, dignity and professionalism of what the Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Cemeteries Association represents.


All production was handled in-house, providing offset print and mail house services, including delivery to the Seattle Post Office.  Ensuring that the client received all available postage discounts!


Habitat Visual Communications provides a true turn-key solution for Catholic Cemeteries.  Through effective targeted marketing solutions we helped create a sustainable and profitable tool that will ensure the this ministry can grow to serve the many catholic families of the Archdiocese.  While helping to support the many other charitable ministries they offer today and tomorrow!


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