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Direct Mail Marketing

Creative Design Services

Data is the life-blood of understanding your customers and audience.


From the initial design to the final campaign, every step is a high priority.


Get the right message in front of your audience, on time, every time.


Quantifiable data reporting offers marketing insights essential to a successful campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing Services


Creative Services, Print Production and Mail House Services

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal!  Habitat Visual Communications provides turn-key solutions for every Direct Mail Marketing initiative. Our end-to-end solution features data procurement, creative and design services, offset and digital print production, and mail house distribution.

At the core of every successful Direct Mail Marketing program is understanding your customers. It is through this process and analysis of your existing customer database that Habitat Visual Communications will shape a more targeted Direct Mail Marketing program. From this targeted Direct Mail Marketing program, a more specific matrix emerges with a tailored campaign towards new prospects with similar traits. The results of such a campaign are a lower cost of solicitation and a raised rate of return.

In today’s crowded marketing universe, it can be extremely challenging to have your message heard by your customers. Dollar to dollar, Direct Mail Marketing is one the most reasonable vehicles available for your marketing team to utilize! Direct Mail Marketing offers one of the only communication solutions that guarantees your message gets in front of the right audience for your brand.

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Do you know if your message will reach the right audience? Direct marketing enables you to recognize your target audience.


You have an audience and a marketing strategy, but by what means, digital or traditional, will you get your company in front of them?


You are confident that you know your target audience. Now you need to ask, ``What appeals to my prospect pool and motivates their intention to take action?``


Your marketing campaign has successfully been received by your audience. Now it's time to fulfill your marketing intention and quantify your clients' habits.

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Through customer profiling, Habitat Visual Communications gains an understanding about your clients’ habits, helping you identify the ideal clients and find new prospects that fit within a targeted profile for your company.

Developing a clear understanding for who those customers are that are most likely to repeatedly purchase your products or services is critical to your marketing strategy. Habitat Visual Communication’s goal is for our clients to gain a deeper understanding of these most valuable customers through multi channel direct marketing, including email marketing, social media advertising, PPC campaigns and targeted direct mail. Our team works closely with you to understand revenue streams to create specific offers that appeal to your customers while maximizing your potential for return.