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Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions

Strategic Marketing Solutions

Developing comprehensive marketing solutions that drive sales!

Habitat Visual Communications is a Full Service Creative Agency specializing in the development of Strategic Marketing Solutions.

Navigating the complexities of today’s competitive business climate can be a daunting task! Habitat Visual Communications partners with our clients to maximize their marketing efforts developing quantifiable and sustainable solutions for growth. Habitat Visual Communications has developed strategic marketing solutions for small shop owners and larger corporations for almost 20 years, giving us the experience to guide your team effectively and efficiently to ensure your company’s current and future success. Through the use of these effective strategic marketing solutions, Habitat Visual Communications has helped clients reduce their costs of solicitation, raise their rate of return and build sustainable marketing plans.

Habitat Visual Communication’s lead generation programs have several core elements that are the cornerstone of this program:

  • Data Procurement – Creates a viable prospect database
  • Creative Services – Designs an effective campaign that will generate the anticipated rate of return
  • Offset & Digital Print Production
  • Mail House Services

Habitat Visual Communications is a turnkey solution so you can spend more valuable time focusing on serving your clients!


Habitat Visual Communication’s strategic marketing program begins with the creation of a comprehensive customer profile. This marketing tool helps to direct your communications to your best prospective audience – the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign!

The Customer Profiling application maps your current clients. During the Customer Profiling process, Habitat Visual Communications identifies your ideal prospective clients, their geographic zones, and what they are likely to purchase. These results allow us to work successfully with you to solicit more appropriate prospective clients that are likely to positively respond to the marketing campaign and raise your return on investment.

Habitat Visual Communications is able to create customer profiles based on specific preferences for your brand so only the specific targeted audience is solicited. This proprietary process allows Habitat Visual Communications to provide a sound foundation for your marketing campaign to commence, ensuring that ROI are realized.

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Habitat Visual Communications’ strategic marketing design team has developed numerous award winning marketing solutions due to creative partnerships with our clients’ sales teams. Understanding our clients’ sales process and cycle, allows your brand to be showcased in an appropriate and sophisticated manner. Habitat Visual Communications’ extensive experience, coupled with proven marketing strategies, is what allows our strategic marketing design team to craft effective marketing communications that continue to have a tangible impact on sales today.

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Habitat Visual Communications has grown over the years to become one of the leading commercial printing partners in the marketing industry with a broad range of print and production services at our fingertips. Utilizing the proper marketing tools for each project allows us serve the many varied needs of our clients and keep prices competitive. Habitat Visual Communications’ Mail House will address and prep your job for the post office after the printing phase has been completed, guaranteeing your project will be delivered on time and on budget!


Understanding your audience is essential for all successful marketing strategies!


HVC offers follow up and reporting services so you will completely understand how these marketing expenditures work for your company's success.