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Targeted Direct Mail Solutions

Habitat Visual Communications teamed with the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Cemeteries to cre a targeted direct mail program.  Direct Mail represents an extremely effective communication tool for small businesses today looking to keep pace in todays crowded marketplace.  Other then Direct Mail, there are no other marketing channel that, virtually, gaurantees your prospect family will receive and process your offer.


Today there are tools available to business that were once only used by fortune 100 companies.  For the Diocese of Phoenix – Catholic Cemeteries we started with their existing data, utilizing modern profiling tools to help create a clean prospect database of look-a-like families within the counties they serve.  Once HVC established their prospect database, HVC worked with the client to develop their Call-to-Action & Action Plan for the implementation of a Direct Mail Campaign.


HVC created dynamic visuals that resinated, and clearly communicated, with the families that they serve.  Our production facility handled all the offset printing and mail house services providing a turn key solution for their Pre-Need Sales program.  We are proud to say that this program, like others we have developed, are meeting and exceeding the clients expectations.


Production Services Included:
• Data Procurement
• Creative Services
• Offset Printing Services
• Mail House Services



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