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“Simple is good.”
– Jim Henson

Whether you have a new product coming to market or looking to freshen up an existing brand’s retail packaging, Habitat Visual Communications has been helping our clients with their retail package design needs for almost 20 years. Our team will help guide you through important brand decisions in the life cycle of your product making sure that your retail packaging solution will meet and exceed your team’s expectations!

Dynamic, creative and structural design details are some of the most important decisions you have to make regarding your product’s retail package design. Effective retail package design is the cornerstone of a successful brand launch and every decision, such as an open design versus closed packaging solutions, or material and finishing options, will impact how a consumer interacts with your brand. These decisions not only impact your sales, but they also have a huge impact on product production costs. Habitat Visual Communications has had the pleasure of helping our clients develop successful package designs for almost 20 years!

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Retail packaging material selection has a profound impact on your product's total cost of production and its success in the retail marketplace. HVC is fully staffed with packaging designers who have expert knowledge in all retail packaging materials available today. Remember, retail packaging materials have a dramatic impact on your business!


HVC has the internal capabilities to create prototypes of your retail packaging prior to entering the production phase. This allows you to proof the design and present it to your buyers, as well as any focus groups. You are making a large investment in your product so let us create a 1:1 prototype to ensure success for that investment!


In today's retail marketplace, your packaging is the sales person. Effective graphic design can elevate the value of your product. Creating an engaging graphic solution that effectively communicates with your customers is critical for the product's success.


HVC has both domestic and international production capabilities. Full offset printing, thermoforming and kitting services are available for any location!

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In-Store Merchandising, POP Displays & Retail Signage

Habitat Visual Communications offers our clients our expertise on designing, prototyping, printing and kitting your merchandising display needs. Floor and counter top displays, power wings and PDQ’s are all part of our design offerings.

Our design team starts with an initial client consultation where we discuss your project objectives, budgets, material requirements, program and display duration, retail specifications and logistics. Once we understand the program’s specifications, Habitat Visual Communications develops the design structure that will fit your needs and budget. For programs requiring assembly and packets, Habitat Visual Communications has a dedicated staff and warehouse logistics team that will guarantee your project is completed and shipped ON-TIME & ON-BUDGET!