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Nonprofit Marketing Solutions

Quantifiable Nonprofit Marketing Solutions


Habitat Visual Communications is a full service strategic marketing company. We work closely with nonprofit organizations to develop and implement nonprofit marketing initiatives from conception through completion.


At Habitat Visual Communications, we strive to to understand our nonprofit clients’ organizational mission and business objectives so that we can help guide you through the complexities of nonprofit marketing and how it will benefit your business. Effective nonprofit marketing takes time to develop and is not something that just happens over night! With years of experience, HVC will guarantee your nonprofit marketing solutions are on budget and on target allowing you to concentrate on your organization’s mission!

Give us a call today and our team will perform a no obligation Marketing Audit. During the Marketing Audit, we will review your nonprofit marketing materials and communications to create a plan that will establish a smooth streamlined approach in line with your organization’s goals and objectives. A comprehensive review of your existing nonprofit marketing efforts, business plan, and short and long-term growth strategies will also be included in the Marketing Audit.


Call us today for a free no obligation nonprofit Marketing Audit.


  • Nonprofit Marketing Plans
  • Objective Mapping
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Data Management & HVC Smart Prospecting
  • Communication Development & Creative Services
  • Deployment & Production


Habitat Visual Communications’ Marketing Professionals, Digital Strategists and Designers have a combined experience of over 25 years of nonprofit marketing experience. We work within your nonprofit organization’s budget to ensure you are leveraging those dollars to maximize your return. to efficiently meet your organization’s mission objectives.

Social & Organization Website

We will help guide you through the complexities of today's digital and social media universe.

Event Marketing

An effective marketing strategy that initiates face-to-face contact between nonprofits and their clients and donors.

Direct Marketing

Still one of the most effective marketing channels available to nonprofits.

Collateral Materials & Annual Reports

Our team will ensure that your organization's brand identity remains consistent.

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Let Habitat Visual Communications analyze your existing donor database so you can better understand your current donors’ profiles and their loyalty to your  organization ensuring that you are only soliciting the most promising prospects. This understanding of your nonprofit clients and donors is essential for all nonprofit marketing and fundraising strategies as it drives and quantifies all of your organization’s marketing expenditures.

Whether your organization utilizes a donor database or is looking to expand your donor prospect network, Habitat Visual Communications has the appropriate data and smart prospecting application for you! Habitat Visual Communication’s Smart Prospecting program helps you to leverage the demographic profile of your existing donors so you are able to solicit like-minded philanthropic prospects.


Habitat Visual Communications can assist you in your digital marketing plans, whether you have an existing website and social media network or need one created. With a full compliment of Designers and Digital Strategists on staff, Habitat Visual Communications can build out your digital footprint, maximizing your organization’s online presence and streamlining your communication network.


  • Website Design
  • SEO Strategies and Deployment
  • PPC Campaign
  • Content Creation
  • Managing Social Networking Channels
  • Analytics Support & Reporting


Habitat Visual Communications offers follow-up and reporting technologies so your organization will understand how these nonprofit marketing strategies are professing. After marketing strategies have been developed and plans implemented, the final and most important component are your tracking solutions. Whether you utilize Facebook Insights, Google Analytic or our Direct Mail reporting tools, we want your organization’s members to know the end results. Current reporting technologies allow you to make real-time decisions on the fly and make the necessary adjustments to your marketing strategies guaranteeing your nonprofit marketing plan’s success!


Understanding your clients & donors is essential for all nonprofit marketing strategies!


Follow-up and reporting technology systems are offered, so your organization will understand how these nonprofit marketing expenditures work for your business goals.