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Retail Branding & Strategic Development – Flipo

Retail Branding & Strategic Development

We specialize in Retail Branding & Strategic Development, therefore we were contracted by Flipo Products to bring a new line of pet cleaners to market in their existing retail product portfolio.

Flipo products enhance their client’s lifestyle and surroundings. Most noteworthy are home accents, personal items and pet safety. In addition, products are designed to make life a little easier, more beautiful and more fun. We are proud to frequently work with Flipo from conception through to completion on a variety of new product launches.

The first steps to success in retail branding is taking the time to understand the products retail category. Therefore, we start with extensive research into the category, to understand the challenges of market. So the Habitat Visual Communications team developed a cohesive brand strategy after doing research for the launch of a retail brand.

As a result, Odor Armor is one of the best pet cleaners on the market today!  Consequently, it was a proprietary formula developed for industrial cleaning applications. Flipo asked us to channel the unique properties of this cleaner into a visual that communicates and resonates with the consumer.  A task they felt was critical for the success of this product launch!

In conclusion, we worked with Flipo to develop a dynamic name and retail brand that captured the essence of the product. Once those elements were locked down, we then flushed out then the visual elements. Hence what resonates with the targeted demographic providing the client, Flipo, with a true turnkey solution for this Retail Branding project!

HVC Supplied:
• Marketing Support
• Retail Brand Strategy
• Logo and Brand Identity Development
• Package Design
• Creative Services
• Production Services
• Sales Collateral Material




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