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Toy Packaging Design – Retail Brand Development

Toy Packaging Design

Retail Brand Development


Prodigyrls contracted us to re-brand their toy packaging design for their line of African American Toy Dolls.  ProdiGyrls is a truely unique product, unlike anything else on the market, with a wonderful collection of African-American Dolls. Each doll has realistic facial features, skin tones and hair. This is combined with accomplishments, which provides girls with something they can be proud of because they can see themselves in their dolls.


Habitat Visual Communications developed a solution that showcased the product, while protecting it, from damage in the retail environment.  Our goal was to create a dynamic toy package that lifted the sophistication level of the brand.  Keeping it in line with the retail environment & retail price point.  HVC working the client to ensure that we understood their vision for the product and developed a solution that exceeded expectations.  HVC’s toy packaging design team settled on a mixed medium of materials for this solution.  We designed a telescoping set up box, so that the end user would have a solution that stood the test of time and storage.  Then we added a printed PVC sleeve that laid over the product, providing the protection required while allowing a full frontal view of the beautiful dolls.  This award winning toy packaging design is a solution that we feel very strong about.  Exceeding all the clients expectations!


60% of all packaging that gets handled gets purchased, and with a beautiful product like this it our goal to make sure it was visible!  After the design team was done HVC supplied a Project manager to work with the client to ensure their contract manufactures produced a box within the specifications provided.


Our design team wanted to develop a “keep sake” solution so that the customer will be able to store their doll for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Toy Packaging Services:
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