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Sample Packaging

Sample Packaging

Brinley Rum contracted HVC to develop a retail packaging solution for their flavored mini’s.  The client wanted to increase the brand exposure through the sale of their flavored Mini’s as a “party” sample pack.  

HVC’s packaging solution was developed with a custom counter display that held 6 sample mini packs for better retail exposure.   The Counter Top display was designed as a self shipper so when it arrived at retail the clerk simply “popped” the top, folded it and at the display header was exposed.  Though our creative engineers we were able to develop a duel use for the counter top display/shipper saving the client money!  

By packaging the mini’s into a sample package it also got the client out of the “Fish Bowl” where mini’s are traditionally retailed.  This move gained the client allot more exposure, for a brand that at this time was still being introduced to many consumers in the retail sphere.  It encouraged consumers who do not traditionally purchase Mini’s to try the brand and thus gaining new clients along the way.

Through the use of sample packaging this client was able to take a product they offer and channel it into a strategic marketing tool.  Gaining market share and putting their brand in premium positions at retail!  We at Habitat Visual Communications were proud of the product we developed and happy it was a huge susses for the client!

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For the sample packaging solution HVC provided:
• Engineering Services
• Creative Services
• Print Production