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Liquor Packaging – Holiday Co-Package

Our customer contracted us to develop a holiday liquor packaging and gift set for their brand, Amarula Creme – The Spirit of Africa.  Amarula is a popular cream liqueur from South Africa. Amarula Creme’s contracted Habitat to design and produce their packaging for the Holiday gift packaging.  HVC created and produced the Package Design along with tray system holding the bottle and decorative crystal glassware.  In addition, Habitat Visual Communication sourced and supplied the glassware. So we partnered with a Italian crystal glassware manufacture for this project.  As a result, our partner decorated the glasses. Then the packaging was finished once Habitat Visual Communications received the goods at our warehouse. Then, our team packed out all the gift sets with the liqueur, palletized and drop shipped to the clients distributors.

This was a complete turn key solution!  Call us to today to learn about our Kitting and Distribution Services!