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Attorney Direct Mail Marketing – Targeted Solutions!

Strategic Marketing Solutions for todays Legal Profession!

Marcus & Zelman, A New Jersey based law firm contracted Habitat Visual Communications help develop an Attorney Direct Mail Marketing Solution that will help support their primary business focus. Marcus Zelman represent consumers in individual and class action lawsuits against debt collectors who violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Marcus & Zelman needed a targeted solution that helped educate their ideal prospects to their rights and protections they are afforded under the law.  Habitat Visual Communication built a direct mail database of ideal prospects matching a strict set of criteria set with Marcus & Zelman.  Habitat Visual worked with the legal team to develop a dynamic graphic solution that resinated with their prospects.  Our process is a true collaboration between our clients and the HVC creative team. Ensuring that your message gets noticed while conforming to all standards and practices.


Attorneys with a targeted, niche client base are ideal for an effective Attorney Direct Mail Marketing campaign.


In today’s highly competitive market place it is essential for successful legal professionals to develop a quantifiable and results driven marketing plans.  Effective Direct Mail coupled with digital solutions provide a multi channel targeted marketing solution that will cut through the clutter and keep your pipeline full for the future!


Due to our experience in targeted attorney direct mail, Habitat Visual Communications was retained to build a targeted database for solicitation.  Our solution and prospect database needed to mirror the firms ideal candidates. Habitat Visual Communications was also charged with creating a visual that would be engaging and dynamic.  Resonating with a consumer that is unaware of their rights!


Services Provided:

  • Data Procurement
  • Creative Services
  • Print Production
  • Mail House Service


Habitat Visual Communications is a turn key solution for Attorney Direct Mail Programs!  Get back to focusing on your passion and leave the targeted marketing solutions to Habitat Visual Communications.  Call us today to learn how we can help your efforts be more effective and profitable!


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